Pixie Kitchen – Lincoln City, OR

The Pixie Kitchen Restaurant, Lincoln City, Oregon

The Pixie Kitchen Restaurant, Lincoln City, Oregon

Pixie Kitchen opened in 1948 in Oceanlake (now Lincoln City), Oregon at 3519 NW Hwy 101.

Originally called “Pixie Pot Pies”, the restaurant was located in Wecoma Beach and owned by Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Gallagher and Loren Cleoworth who operated the establishment as a take-home pie service.

On May 21, 1953, the new owners, Jerry and Lu Parks, former seafood restaurant owners renamed the restaurant “The Pixie Kitchen” the enlarged and redecorated the place. The menu now included seafood, steak, prime rib, pork chops, or chicken.

Located along the Oregon Coast, the Pixie Kitchen served some of the best seafood in the region. Its slogan was “Heavenly Food on the Oregon Coast.” The eatery named it’s mascot, “Pixie“.

The popular tourist stop featured an entry way with funhouse mirrors that made the customers appear to be tall and thin as they walked in (“You Look Hungry”) and fat when they left (“Guess You Had Enuff”).


Inside the restaurant, the walls were decorated with pixies and outside was the Pixie Garden (colorful mechanized moving pixies characters), an enchanted world that visitors could watch through the windows as they ate their meals.

In addition, there were place mats that folded into pixie hats and surprise candy (Jelly Beans) and toys for the children. Pink bags for the girls; Blue bags for the boys. The gift shop sold mugs, Pixieland t-shirts and plates.

In 1967, Jerry Parks, the then current owner of The Pixie Kitchen unveiled a two-million dollar plan for Pixieland, a 57-acre “Fairytale Story of Oregon,” that would include a frontier village, industrial exhibit buildings, canals, a children’s zoo, canoe docks, a treehouse, an Indian village, riverboat, lighthouse, merry-go-round, Ferris wheel and log flume thrill ride.

Then-Governor Tom McCall dedicated Pixieland to the families of Oregon on June 28, 1969. Unfortunately, Pixieland closed within four years. The remains of the park were sold or torn down.

After thirty years, The Pixie Kitchen closed in 1983. For a short time, Mike and Anne Baxter attempted to revive the popular destination spot, but it closed its doors for good in 1985. Eventually, the building caught fire and was never restored.

A permanent exhibition featuring memorabilia from Pixie Kitchen and Pixieland can be found at the North Lincoln County Historical Museum in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Pixieland, Hwy 18 Oregon (Website)
North Lincoln County Historical Museum (Website)
Pixies in the Valley (Book)


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