Bandy’s Troll Haven – Sequim, WA


Bandy’s Troll Haven is a magical santucary of mythological statuary located at 950 Gardiner Beach Road in Sequim, WA.

The 150 acre property borders the Straight of Juan de Fuca on the northeast corner of Olympic Peninsula just off Highway 101. It is 2 miles south of Diamond Point, the northwest point of Discovery Bay, a bit north of the small town of Gardiner.

The collection includes hundreds of trolls, as well as elves, witches and wizards, giants, dwarves, dragons, ogres, cyclops that lurk along the roadside or nearby woods, or adorn the lawns and landscaping of the houses that are for rent on the property. The Gatekeeper’s House, a castle of sorts, has its own dungeon.

The Trolls are located on private property. Visitors are welcome to admire the statues from the road. And while many of the homes at Troll Haven are rental properties, other buildings/areas serve as event sites for weddings, parties, reunions, or business retreats.

The Troll Haven logo found on a barn consists of a troll and the words “Bandy’s Trollhaven, Orchard & Angus since 1977.” Other messages for the eye to behold include:

“This is Troll Haven; pedagogy of dreams and magic. A refuge from the mundane, a place to dream and imagine, and most importantly, bring a smile … We have art for amusement and inspiration, buffalo to gaze upon and landscaping to match the most impeccable gardens of the world.

Our philosophy for Troll Haven is not a single idea, but many ideas and attitudes about life. We must have a reverence for nature and a deep love of the country life. Self-reliance and creative leisure is placed in the forefront. A place of abundant beauty with edible, healthy, organic fruit, nuts and berries for humans as well as the birds and beasts of nature. Troll Haven strives to be a simple place. A place of nostalgia that brings smiles of delight to young and old alike.

Our mission statement is simple: Goodness harbor from all elements of this dominion and hath qualities the same for all mankind.”

Garrett Allen Bandy, a Southern California millionaire is the inventor of the Bandy hinge used for commercial aircraft doors. He founded Troll Haven in 1977.

The idea for such a magical place was inspired by a fishing trip to Norway.

Bandy’s Troll Haven/Bandy Farms
950 Gardiner Beach Road
Sequim, WA 98382
(559) 577-3067

Troll Haven (Website)


Born in Philadelphia, Jerome Alphonse Holst worked 30 years as a librarian. He has since retired and lives in Thomasville, North Carolina. Mr. Holst is also the author of the children’s books “Norman the Troll,” "Norman the Troll and the Haunted House," and "Gretchen and the Gremlins." In addition, he penned the fantasy novel “The Adventures of Glinda Gale,” a retelling of “The Wizard of Oz" and the reference text “The Encyclopedia of Movie and TV Insults.” .

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