Sleepy Hollow – Blairsville, GA


Sleepy Hollow  is located 6 miles East of Blairsville, Georgia on Hwy 76/515 near the town of Young Harris – right in the heart of the North Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains (just 90 miles north of Atlanta).

This wonderful roadside attraction features an enchanted garden filled with gnome and fairy houses. Children and the young-at-heart are free to wander the woodland landscape, explore the interiors of the larger gnome homes on the property and view the smaller fairy houses built into the hills.

Sleepy Hollow is owned by Aurthur “Art” Millican, Jr., a senior artist, craftsman and model-maker who worked for Disney Studios in Orlando for 15 years until he relocated to the mountains of Georgia to open his own woodworking studio. There he creates whimsical fairy and gnome houses as well as custom sculptures for America’s leading theme parks, among them Dollywood in Pigeon Forge.

You can’t grow up. You always have to be a kid at heart to do a lot of this stuff…to be able to dream. The problem with getting older is people forget to dream and to wonder “What if?”, you know. A child can see things that we can’t. It’s only when we grow older that we stop believing in Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, whatever. But who’s to say they really don’t exist.” – Art Millican, Jr.

Millican continues his relationship with Disney and produces sculpture for their many global enterprises, as well as designing and creating statuary and props for a variety of clients, including commercial parks, real estate developments and individuals wanting enchanted garden sheds or children’s playhouses.


Sleepy Hollow is a family business wherein Art Millican, Jr. runs the woodworking studio, his father, Art Millican Sr. manages the enchanted gardens displays, and his mother manages the gift shop and art supplies store that is open Monday – Saturday but closed on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years’ Day.

NOTE: As of 2020, the state of Georgia Department of Transportation announced Sleepy Hollow will soon be gone to make way for a $103 million highway widening project.

Sleepy Hollow Enterprises
5279 Hwy. 515 E
Blairsville, GA 30512
Admission: Free
(706) 379-9622

Sleepy Hollow Enterprises (Website)
Sleepy Hollow Enterprises (Facebook)
GDOT planning to seize fairy village to widen highway
Art in the Mountains interviews owner of Sleepy Hollow Enterprises (Video)




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