Lucky the Leprechaun – Boston, MA


Lucky the Leprechaun is the official trademark for the World Champion Celtic’s basketball team in Boston, Massachusetts. Sinne Boston has some of the deepest Irish roots anywhere in the country, it i no surprise that the Celtics team symbol is Lucky the Leprechaun who has has been the team’s mascot for over nearly 70 years.

Besides their mascot, Lucky the Leprechaun, the Celtics have a dance team known as the Celtics Dancers. They perform during halftime and throughout the game.

The Boston Celtics logo was designed by Zang Auerbach in the late 1940s. The logo (used from 1949 – 1968) depicted a cheering leprechaun sporting a crown and holding a shillelagh.

The National Basketball Association website describes the current Leprechaun logo thus:

“The world-famous figure has his left eye winking at you, his left hand resting on his shillelagh, his right index finger is pointing straight upward with a brown basketball sitting atop, his left foot crossed over and to the side of the right foot, he possesses a big smile (with a pipe projecting from the right corner of his mouth) and he is dressed in black buckle shoes, black pants, a gold front-button vest with a matching bow tie (with green three-leaf clovers displayed prominently in view on both), a long-sleeved white shirt and all topped off with a black derby hat with the same matching three-leaf clovers.”


In 2003, The Celtic’s introduced a real-life Leprechaun in the form of Damon Lee Blust who donned the gold-and-green shamrock vest, a bowler hat, velvet knickers, and bow tie emblazoned with shamrocks.

Blust enjoyed running around, shaking hands with the little kids, and rousting anyone in the stands with opposing jerseys. One of his most famous stunts with the team was to bounce off a trampoline and flip over a celebrity’s head before slamming a basketball through the hoop. He also shot himself out of a big slingshot that propelled him down the court on roller skates, hit a ramp, did a flip, and dunked a basketball.

In January 2009, Damon Blust, the team’s acrobatic, high-flying leprechaun mascot, was removed from the team due to unspecified dispute with the team. Prior to this dismissal, Blust had given a stirring performance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien as he soared into the air and dunked basketballs on television. Reportedly, Blust was labeled as “unreliable,” mainly due to his consistent track of missing charity events and sponsorship promotions for the Celtics.


In 2012, Jason Terry, a former Mavericks guard got a tattoo of Lucky the Leprechaun on the inside of his arm to celebrate joining the Boston Celtics basketball team. He hoped the tattoo would guarantee a 2013 championship. In 2012, Celtic player Paul Pierce pondered getting a tattoo of Lucky. as well.

NOTE: The Boston Celtics were formed in 1946 by Boston Garden-Arena Corporation President Walter A. Brown as a team in the Basketball Association of America, and became part of the National Basketball Association after the absorption of the National Basketball League by the BAA in the fall of 1949.In 1950, the Celtics signed Chuck Cooper, becoming the first franchise to draft an African American player.Other notable Celtics include Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Bob Cousy, John Havlicek, Robert Parish and Kevin McHale, Dennis Johnson, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce. Rivals of the Celtics include the Los Angeles Lakers, The Philadelphia 76ers, the Detroit Pistons and the New York Knicks.

The Celtics are referred to as the C’s, the Celts, the Green or the Parquet Posse.

For years, the Celtics played at the Boston Garden. When they moved to Fleet Center in 1995, they took their parquet floor from the Boston Garden arena. The image of their mascot Lucky is emblazoned on the floor. The book “On the Hardwood: Boston Celtics by Peter Birle (MVP Books, 2014) chronicles the history of the Celtics Basketball team.

Boston Celtics
226 Causeway St. 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02114

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