Fairy Forest – Kamas, UT


The Fairy Forest is located East of Kamas, in the Wasatch Cache National Forest in the Uinta Mountains in Northeastern Utah. It is half a mile off the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway at mile marker 17 (40.592085,-111.012838).


The enchanted Fairy Forest is a series of pathways marked out by rocks that meander through a wooded area filled with wind chimes, sculptures, fairy gardens/houses and colorfully painted/stacked rocks arranged in artistic configurations, such as fanciful swirls, grids and even the Stonehenge replica from England.


The attractions within the forest have been placed there by visitors to the site, like campers, and girl scouts. And I am sure some have been built by the fairies who reside in the trees.


Newcomers to the site bring their your own painted rock to add to the forest trail, or bring paint (permanent acrylic that won’t wash off) to decorate one of the rocks while they’re there.


The Fairy Forest is said to be “hidden” because there are no signs. To find the Fairy Forest you follow a trail on the south side of the highway into the Shady Dell campground. Continue though a campsite then cross a small creek, walk to the top of a hill to find and log lying across the road. Step over the log and take about 5-10 more steps, then head down to your right. You know you have reached the entrance to Fairy Forest when see a tipped over tree forming an angular archway. It should only take about 5-10 minutes to walk from your car to the forest.

Update: The origins of the Fairy Forest began in 1997 when Scott Hayes and his friends created a “rock garden” made up of rock paths, rock furniture and a fire pit. Unfortunately, over the years, visitors have vandalized the area by spray painting trees or leaving items that clutter up the place.

In 2016, Hayes returned to the site and began a cleanup of the area, trying to bring what people now call the Fairy Forest back to a more pristine, natural environment. About 100 bags of junk were removed from the area so far.

Over the years, the local Forest Rangers have done their part to keep the area clean, but it is Scott Hayes and volunteers who are getting the place back to what it used to look like.  Hayes confessed that if he had known that his small rock garden would get so out of hand, he would have never done it.

Fairy Forest
Wasatch Cache National Forest
Uinta Mountains
Shady Dell Campground
Mirror Lake Scenic Byway
Kamas, UT 84036

Fairy Forest, Kamas, Utah (Video)
Fairy Forest – Kamas, Utah (Article)
Fairy Forest – Kamas, Utah (Facebook)


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