Elf Yourself – Naperville, IL


Elf Yourself is a Christmas-themed electronic resource created by Office Max, Inc. based in Naperville, Illinois.

Accessible via the Internet (www.elfyourself.com) during the holiday season, the program gives visitors the ability to download a facial image of themselves, which then appears on the body of an animated elf who dances about on the computer monitor as a form of entertainment.

Launched in 2006, people in 196 countries across the seven continents have used the popular holiday website to create millions of customized videos.

The Elf Yourself program is available from iTune as an app that can downloaded to iPhone, iPad and Android mobile platforms.

The following are screen shot instructions for using the Elf Yourself program:





The video and website were created by Evolution Bureau (EVB), in collaboration with New York company “Toy” for Office Max’s holiday season advertising campaign.

The original release featured only one elf, but additional elves were incorporated in to the dancing elves videos.

Early on, Elfyourself.com reported getting more than 200 hits a second and 8 new elves were created per second. EVB also included a Scrooge version at Scroogeyourself.com.


From 2008-2001, JibJab hosted and created the platform for the Elf Yourself program. In 2012 to the present, OddCast.com further improved the Elf Yourself program.

Each video template allows you to insert an image of a person, animals or whatever into these elf face cutouts. And once done you can watch the funny elf dance video and/or share it to Facebook or through email.

The Elf Yourself program is accessible for six-week during the Christmas Holiday season. If you click on their link any other time of the year, the following image is displayed:


NOTE: A similar download is available from Jib Jab where you can create up to five elves that dance. Jib Jab has developed Elf Madness! as a personalized, email-able greeting card on their own platform. Elf Madness allows viewers to create up to 20 dancing elves in a manner similar to Elf Yourself.

Office Max
263 Shuman Blvd.
Naperville, IL 60563

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Elf Yourself (Video)
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