DirecTV Football Fairies – El Segundo, CA

The DirecTV Football Fairies were the advertising mascots in a series of ad spots for DirectTV, an American direct broadcast satellite service provider and broadcaster based in El Segundo, California.


The football fairies were played by Pro Football and Baseball veteran Deion Sanders, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, and his brother, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

“Only DirecTV gives you everyday, every Sunday afternoon, live right on you cell phone. Oh Yeah!” – Deion Sanders as DirecTV fairy

They appeared in an ad campaign promoting satellite service subscriptions for its exclusive “NFL Sunday Ticket” with DirecTV at no extra charge package, including a major price deduction for The National Football League package and the ability to get Directv on customer’s laptops, tablets and cell phones. The campaign began in 2011 with Deion Sanders appearing solo in the early ads.

Here is a list of some of the commercials featuring the football fairies:


    • Four guys are eating chips and dips and playing video games cause there are no more games to watch on cable when Deone Sanders appears as a fairy and tells them Directv can get them every game every Sunday (“So we’re all winners now.”)


    • Three guys sit around a table waiting for their boss to arrive for a big presentation when football fairy Deion Sanders arrives and shows them how they can watch football on their laptops, tablets, or cell phones using DirecTV. (“Shame on you for letting the Man keep you down. You need to stick it to him with DirecTV.”)


    • Football Fairy Deion Sanders snatches a one dollar bill from a man’s wallet as he sits at home watching cable television. The fairy places the dollar in front of his face and says, “Luke, I am your founding father” (parody of George Washington on the bill). As the man reaches for his money, the fairy says, “So I see you are a fan of money and a fan of football. Dude you really gonna like this baby” Then the fairy fires a blast of fairy dust at the screen to reveal DirecTV. “I just gave you DirecTV. With every game, every Sunday for absolutely nothing extra.” The man asks, “Nothing extra for all those games?” The fairy raises his arms, and says, “I can not tell a lie.” (again referencing George Washington).


    • A man looking for his keys because he has cable and has to leave his house to watch the Eagles Football game somewhere else is met by football fairy Deion Sanders who tells him how he can stay home and watch the game if his subscribes to DirecTV.
    • A man walking down his hallway wearing a Green Bay Packers shirt and leans down to pick up a coin when he is stopped by two “football fairies”. They tell him that because he likes saving money just as much as football, he should get DirecTV “Sunday Ticket” so he can watch every football game.
    • Peyton Manning replaces his younger brother as a DirecTV fairy and joins Deion Sanders in enlightening football fans about DirecTV’s included NFL Sunday Ticket.


    • Miniaturized Peyton Manning and Deion Sanders fly out from a man’s fridge, complaining that he doesn’t have NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV. (“You’ve got prime rib, but you don’t have NFL Sunday Ticket?”) The man is amazed when Deion Sanders tells him the NFL Sunday Ticket costs nothing extra, but Peyton Manning is distracted by Tapenade. (“It’ll be tasty. Kind of like Tapenade and football…together.”)


  • A man has to miss a football game because he has to buy toilet paper. While he’s at the store Eli Manning and Deion Sanders fly out from their perches among the Barbies and tell him that he doesn’t have to miss the game. DirecTV gives you every game,, every Sunday live on your cell phone. Eli Manning then gets captured by the man’s little girl.
  • A Denver Broncos fan who is moving to L.A. Unfortunately, he can’t watch all of their games on basic cable. Football fairies Peyton Manning and Deion Sanders explain that he can watch every game with DirecTV.


Football Fairies
c/o DirecTV
2230 E. Imperial Highway
El Segundo, California,

DirecTV (Website)
DirecTV Commercial (Website)


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