UrgentRx Pain Fairies – Denver, CO


The UrgentRx Pain Fairies were the advertising mascots of UrgentRx, a company based in Denver, Colorado. The UrgentRx Pain Fairies were introduced in 2012.

The Pain Fairies were men in tutus, tee shirts and fairy wings who roamed the streets as a way to introduced potential customers of a new line of UrgentRx ridiculously fast-acting over the counter flavored powder medication that were designed to cure headaches, heartburn and allergies.

While visiting New York City, the Pain Fairies approached people on the street asking if they could offer their services. Of course, no one wanted any of the afflictions. Luckily, not far behind were members of the UrgentRx Relief Team who gave away samples of the UrgentRx Fast Powders that would handle all the Pain Fairies ailments.


The headache Pain Fairy was muscular, wore an orange tutu and carried a large hammer; the heartburn Pain fairy was unshaven, wore a purple tutu and had a big tummy; and the allergy Pain Fairy, wore a green tutu, glasses and sneezed and sniffled a lot.

As a way to raise awareness, UrgentRx established a partnership with the hometown Denver Broncos by distributing samples of its Headache Relief to Go and Heartburn Relief to Go products at tailgating events before Denver Broncos home games.

“We wanted to create a fun and interesting way to connect with fans while still providing important information about our products,” stated Jordan Eisenberg, president of UrgentRx. “Overindulgence is a common occurrence at sporting events. The home games provide a perfect opportunity to showcase our headache and heartburn products to a receptive and engaged audience.”

NOTE: UrgentRx Fast Powders work without water and go anywhere you go. The UrgentRx Fast Powders are quick and easy to use, just rip open the credit card sized package, pour the flavored powder medications directly in your mouth and stand by for record time relief. The UrgentRx Fast Powders are now available at more that 10.000 retail sites nationwide, including Walgreens and CVS.

The Pain Fairies
c/o UrgentRx
1610 Wynkoop St., Suite 300
Denver, CO 80202

UrgentRx (Website)
UrgentRx (Facebook)
Pain Fairies (Twitter)
Pain Fairies (Video)
Pain Fairies (Video)
Pain Fairies (Video)
UrgentRx TV Ad (Video)


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