The Littles – The Bigg’s House, USA


The Littles are tiny elfin-like people (six-inches tall) with pointed-ears and tails who live in the walls of a house owned by human beings on the ABC cartoon series THE LITTLES (1983-86). The television show ran on ABC Saturday mornings from September 10, 1983 to November 2, 1985 for three seasons and 29 episodes.

The series follows Henry Bigg, a 13-year-old boy who discovers the Littles in his luggage while traveling on vacation. Henry Bigg befriends Lucy and Tom Little, the principal characters of the animated cartoon series.


The Littles family consisted of parents Frank and Helen, Helen’s father (Grandpa) and the children of the house, 13-year-old Tom Little, 10-year-old Lucy Little, and later adopted cousin Ashley. Dinky is their dimwitted cousin who flies a model plane to deliver mail to the other tiny people in the area.

Each episode showcases issues like friendship, jealousy, honesty, prejudice, kindness, responsibility, and risk-taking that both Henry Bigg and the Little children have in common.


The nemesis of The Littles is Dr. Hunter, a scientist and his assistant, Peterson who are determined to capture a new species of little creatures. On the episode “A Big Cure for a Little Illness”,” the evil Doctor Hunter contaminates the air duct system with poisonous gas in hopes of catching one of the Littles.

In the final season, Henry Bigg, his parents (both archeologists), and the Littles travel about the globe, visiting such places as the Amazon Jungle in South America, Egypt, Ireland, India, the Roman ruins of Italy, the Kennedy Space Station and Hollywood.

Theme Song Lyrics

Here come the Littles
Always running to and fro
Here come the Littles

They’re living with ya don’t ya know.
One day when Henry went away
The Littles fell inside his suitcase.
He later found when he opened his luggage
And the Littles jumped out

They’ve been the best friends ever since.
He’s kept in secret their existence.
Inside the walls they’ve always been.
You can’t stop the littles cause the littles don’t stop!

NOTE: THE LITTLES series is based on the stories of American writer John Peterson (Feb 10, 1924 – Nov 2002) whose 17 books have sold millions since 1967, including The Littles (1967), The Littles To the Rescue (1968), The Littles Have A Wedding (1971), The Littles and the Great Halloween Scare (1975), The Littles and the Big Storm (1979), The Littles Go to School (1983), The Littles and the Terrible Tiny Kid (1993) and The Littles Have a Happy Valentine’s Day (2003).

The LITTLES is similar to the The Borrowers novels published in 1952 and written by British author Mary Norton. Her stories featured a family of tiny people who live secretly in the walls and floors of an English house and “borrowed” from the big people in order to survive.

The Bigg Family
c/o The Littles
Inside the walls of the house
Undisclosed Location, USA

The Littles (Website)
The Littles – Into and Ending Theme
The Littles – Beware of Hunter! / Episode 1 Season 1


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