Lisa the Computer Genie – Town in California

Lisa the Computer Genie is a gorgeous, electronically generated being seen on the USA Channel sci-fi comedy WEIRD SCIENCE (1994-98).


One stormy night, two nerdy high school freshmen Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly programmed a home PC to “design a perfect woman.” Gary insisted on making a total babe, while Wyatt hungered for an intellectual equal.

In a strange turn of events, a bolt of lightning hits the computer and out pops an attractive redheaded computer super-babe named Lisa – a living extension of Gary Wallace and Wyatt’s combined personalities who wears tight dresses and contains a staggering supply of knowledge, be they scientific, political, psychological, biological or cultural. Lisa does have one limitation, however.

Although Lisa (Vanessa Angel) can explain how love works in a chemical or psychological way, until she lives it herself, she can’t explain love from the heart. For this, she relies on Gary and Wyatt.

Throughout their adventures, Gary and Wyatt explore the sexual and emotional nature of being a teenager, as well as travel though time, space and alternate universes.

Their primary nemesis is Wyatt’s psychotic, ultraconservative older brother, Chett.


Excerpts for the show’s first episode “She’s Alive”

Lisa: So this is what you boys consider a dream babe. This body’s a scathing indictment of a sexist brain-dead MTV generation. But then again, What am I complaining about. I am leggy, buffed, and brainy. Good job, Guys
G&W: Umm…You’re Welcome. What are you, some kind of witch?
Lisa: Get real. Use your fuzzy logic. Think of me as a P.C. genie.
G&W: So, like, we command you? You’ll give us whatever we ask for?
Lisa: Except for what you want right now.
G&W: How do you know what we want now?
Lisa: You’re torgued up 15-year-olds. Check back with me when your legal.

Lisa: What happened? I was afraid of that.
G&W: Afraid of what?
Lisa: Well, nothing lasts for ever including your wishes. My guess is they could last an hour, a day…six seconds?
G&W: What kind of K-Mart genie are you? We wish for stuff, but we can’t keep it?
Lisa: Hey, Don’t blame me. Blame the software. I’d have a lot more power if Wyatt had installed the neutronium space modulator. Way to go, smart guy.
G&W: Are you sticking around this time?

Lisa: Before your created me, I didn’t exist. Don’t you see? You’re my reason for living. All I want is to make you happy. Are you happy?
G&W: Very Happy.
Lisa: Good

NOTE: The TV series was based on the theatrical release “Weird Science” (1985) directed by Johh Hughes and starring Kelly LeBrock as Lisa the Computer Genie.

The movie was set in the town of Shermer, Illinois (population: 31286) . The TV series was set in an unnamed town in California

Lisa the Computer Genie
c/o Gary and Wyatt
Town in California

Weird Science TV Series (IMDB)
Weird Science – TV Series – Intro
Weird Science – Movie (1985) (IMDB)
Weird Science – 1985 Movie Trailer


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