Shazzan the Genie – Ancient Persia

Shazzan is an Arabian nights genie featured on the Hanna-Barbera CBS TV animated fantasy series SHAZZAN (1967-69).


The cartoon’s thirty-six episodes follow the adventures of Chuck and Nancy, a brother and sister who discover a magic ring that transports them back to the ancient days of the Arabian nights where they meet a friendly, sixty-foot tall magical genie named Shazzan who attempts to help them return to their own time period.

“Inside a cave off the coast of Maine, Chuck and Nancy find a mysterious chest containing the halves of a strange ring. When joined the ring forms the word Shazzan, and with this magical command, they are transported back to the fabled land of the Arabian Knights! Here they meet their genie, Shazzan. Shazzan presents them Kaboobie a magical flying camel and gives Chuck a magic belt and rope. Shazzan will serve them whenever they call, but he cannot return them home until they deliver the ring to its rightful owner. And thus begins their incredible journey!” – Opening Narration

To help the children on their quest, Shazzan gives them a number of magical items to protect them for harm including a cloak of invisibility, vanishing dust, a magical rope, and an opal of knowledge, as well as Kaboobie, a flying camel.


During their travels Chuck, Nancy and Shazzan made many friends but also many enemies. They included: Abdar the Zodiac Master, Ahmed the Sky Pirate, The Black Sultan, The Council of Doom, Faleem, Kaballah, Kahn of the North Wind, Kazir, Madragona, Mercuraad, Magi, Makdar the Mirage Maker, Mysterio the Mini-Magi, Nastrina of the Flames, Queen Kolanda of Centuria, Raschid, Sorceress of the Mist, Zahran, and Zaman the Magician.


The Gold Key comicbook company ran five issues called “Hanna- Barbera’s Super TV Heroes” featuring Shazzan, among other superheroes, like Birdman and The Galaxy Trio.

The Shazzan cartoons were later shuffled into the line-up of some other cartoon TV series such as THE HERCULOIDS, FRANKENSTEIN, JR, HANNA-BARBERA’S WORLD OF SUPER ADVENTURE, SUPER ADVENTURES and BOOMARANG.

Shazzan the Genie
c/o Ancient Persia

Shazzan (IMDB)
Shazzan – Cartoon Intro (Video)


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