Winsome “Winnie” Witch – Enchanted Cottage


Winnie the Winsome Witch is a happy-go-lucky witch (voiced by Jean Vander Pyl) who uses her magic for good (or to make her chores easier) on the Hanna-Barbera animated series WINSOME WITCH/NBC/1965-66.

The Winnie character premiered on October 2, 1965 (“Have Broom Will Travel”) as a component of THE ATOM ANT/SECRET SQUIRREL SHOW/NBC/1965-66.

Winnie lives in an enchanted cottage. She has a pet bat called “Batsy” which she keeps in a bird-cage and a magical broom that is alive and takes orders from Winnie.


With the help of her magic flying broom, Winnie travels to such places as the Wild West and Hollywood or visits with fairy tale characters like Cinderella, Hans and Gretel and Red Riding Hood. Winnie even traveled back in time to show some school children a first-hand look at history in the making (Christopher Columbus, Plymouth Rock).


In episode “Wolfcraft vs. Witchcraft” the 3 Little Pigs enlist the aid of Winnie Witch, to keep the Big Bad Wolf from huffing and puffing and blowing down their houses.

In episode “Have Broom Will Zoom,” Winnie encounters aliens who take her to their planet in order to steal her magic, flying broom!

When Winnie cast a spell, she says, “Ippity, pippity…POW!” To reverse a spell, Winnie says, “Boppity, Bippity, Quack, Quack, all right (fill in subject), come on back” or she can just say the words backwards.

fictional-locations-enchanted-cottage-winnie-winsome-witch-niece-2On episode “Wee Winnie Witch” Winnie the Witch gets a visit from her favorite but mischievous niece, Wee Winnie. Winsome Winnie reminds her niece “We only use witchcraft to do good deeds.”

NOTE: There was also a Winnie Witch character on an episode of the Hanna-Barbera YOGI BEAR cartoon entitled “Bewitched Bear,” when Jellystone Park resident Yogi Bear steals a flying broom belonging to Winnie Witch to make aerial raids on campers to steal their picnic baskets.


Winnie Witch
c/o Enchanted Cottage

Winsome “Winnie” Witch (IMDB)
Winsome Witch – Intro (Video)
Winsome Witch – Episode Six – Schoolteacher Winnie (Video)


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