Angeliqué – Collinsport, Maine


Angeliqué is a beautiful but wicked witch featured on the NBC fantasy drama DARK SHADOWS (1991).

Angeliqué (Lysette Anthony) cursed Barnabas Collins (Ben Cross) when he spurned her advances of love and because Barnabas declared his love for Josette Dupres (Joanna Going).

Angeliqué had cast a love spell to pair Josette with Barnabas’ brother Jeremiah Collins thus keeping Barnabas free to marry herself. But when Barnabas discovered figures in Angeliqué’s room used to cast the love spell, he confronts Angeliqué and vows he will never love her.

Angeliqué tries to stab Barnabas with a knife but in the ensuing struggle she falls on the blade.

Dying, Angeliqué declares, “I curse you, Barnabas. For all eternity, I curse you.” Soon after Barnabas is bitten by a vampire who appears in the image of his love Josette. From the grave Angeliqué cries, “Your hell shall take whatever shape I choose.”

Within a few days Barnabas dies, followed by Josette, who jumped off Widow’s Hill five days after her beloved Barnabas expired.

Two hundred years later Barnabas is resurrected, only to wander the lonely future pining over the lose of his love Josette and still haunted by the spirit of Angeligué.


NOTE: On the original daytime soap opera version DARK SHADOWS/ABC/1966-71 Jonathan Frid played the role of Barnabas Collins and Lara Parker appeared as Angeliqué Bouchard Collins DuVal Rumson, the evil blond witch.

“You didn’t do the job well enough, Barnabas! I am not dead yet! And while I can still breathe, I will have my revenge! I set a curse on you Barnabas Collins. You wanted your Josette so much and you shall have her. But not in the way you would have chosen. You will never rest, Barbabas. And you will never be able to love anyone. Who ever loves you, will die. That is my curse. And you will live with it through all eternity.” – Angeliqué (Lara Parker)

Eva Green played the role of Angeliqué “Angie” Bouchard the witch in the theatrical remake “Dark Shadows” (2012) starring Johnny Depp as vampire Barnabas Collins.

Angeliqué Bouchard
c/o Collinwood Mansion
Collinsport, Maine

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