Nicholas “Nick” Knight – Toronto, Canada


Nicholas “Nick” Knight (Geraint Wyn Davies) is an 800-year-old vampire turned police detective on the CBS fantasy drama FOREVER KNIGHT (1992-96).

Sired by Lucien LeCroix (Nigel Bennett) during the Crusades, Nick (real name: Nicholas De Brabant) regretted his decision to become a vampire and set out on a road of redemption by doing good deeds. However, Lucien Cross wants Nick to remain a vampire and thwarts his efforts to change his situation.

“He was brought across in 1228. Preyed on humans for their blood. Now he wants to be mortal again. To repay society for his sins. To emerge from his world of darkness. From his endless…forever night.”Lucien LaCroix

Nick lives at 7 Curity Avenue, Toronto, Ontario and drinks chilled cow’s blood for sustenance. To get around town, Nick drives a 1962 Cadillac convertible. He uses the car’s spacious trunk in sun emergencies [vampires burn in sunlight].


The 37th Precinct of the Toronto Metro Police Department is where Nick Knight works the night shift with his partner, Donald G. Schanke (John Kapelos). They report to Captain Joe Stonetree (Gary Framer) and later Captain Amanda Cohen (Natsuko Ohama) and Captain Joe Reese (Blu Nankuma).


Nick’s female friends included:

  • Dr. Natalie Lambert (Catherine Disher) an attractive coroner who discovers Nick is a vampire and joins forces to find a cure for his affliction
  • Janette, a vampire who runs The Raven, a local nightclub where Nick visits to ease his troubled mind;
  • Tracy Vetter, Nick’s new police partner after Don died (she later dies of a gunshot wound). A vampire named Javier Vachon was her “snitch.”
  • In the final episode, rather that remain a vampire, Nick asks LeCroix to put him out of his misery, which he does. And so ends the tale of the Nick Knight.


    Lucien LeCroix, was the Master of both Nick and Janette. He was once known as General Lucius, the commander of the Roman army. He was turned into a vampire (“brought across”) by his illegitimate daughter, Divia during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

    NOTE: The series which first aired on the CBS late-night series CRIMETIME AFTER PRIMETIME was based on the 1989 made-for-TV movie “Nick Knight” starring Rick Springfield as a vampire-turned-cop.

    Nicholas “Nick” Knight
    7 Curity Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario

    Forever Knight (IMDB)
    Forever Knight – Intro (Video)


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