Enchanted America provides articles about all the places in North America where the Wee Folk have left their mark. It could be Fairy Stone Park in North Carolina, the Museum of Trolls in New York City, Pixie Woods in Stockton, Ca or Goblin Chocolates, a confectionery shop in St. Marys, PA.


These attractions and many more await you, if you have a heartfelt desire to experience the awe and wonder of fairyland as it reveals itself through businesses, historical landmarks, parks, museums, and natural wonders of North America. So put on your traveling shoes and go a fairy trippin’ with me across the mystical vastness of Enchanted America.

Places that are not included in the site are Storybook or Fairy Tale theme parks. These generally cater to none fairy creatures but instead focus on fairy tale characters like Humpty Dumpy, Pied Piper, the Old Lady who lived in a shoe. Exceptions to the Theme park exclusion would be Disney land whose magical kingdom is the home of Tinker Bell the Pixie.

Many places around the country can be called “Enchanted” but that word is a catch-all phase for places that really have nothing to do with elves and fairies. For example, the theme park “Enchanted Forest” has generic fairy tale characters, as well as Western Town, Haunted House, English Village. And in Fredricksburg, Texas, Enchanted Rock State Park is not fairy oriented but rather tells Old Indian lore about ghosts in the region.

The purpose of this website is to direct people to travel destinations about the USA where they can see examples of buildings, businesses, gardens, statues and museums featuring elves, fairies and the like. However, there are organizations that do not have a physical locations but rather are involved in fairy crafts, festivals, book readings, theatrical performances etc.

It is my intention to include such individuals or organizations on our RESOURCES PAGE that contain links to those people who love the enchanted and the whimsical. So if you have a website that you would want others to know about, and it involves the world of elves and fairies, then please send it to me and I will display your Internet link for all to see.


Note: The owner of Enchanted America is a long time lover of mythical creatures of the forest and glens.

Over the years, he has collected hundreds of memorabilia on the subject ranging from statues, comic books, postcards, magazine articles, paintings, games and toys of all sorts.

It is his desire to put these items on display one day in a museum of elves and fairies. But for now funding is not available so in the meantime, he puts his efforts into spreading the legends of Elves and Fairies through this website. As time permits more and more content will be added. You can contact him at: jeraholst@gmail.com

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