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Wonderbug – Los Angeles, CA

Wonderbug is a magical dune buggy featured on the live-action segments of the ABC cartoon series THE KROFFT SUPERSHOW (1976-78). The story of Wonderbug begins when three teenagers – Barry Buntrock (David Levy), C.C. McNamara (John-Anthony Bailey) and Susan Talbot

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Herbie the Love Bug – Los Angeles, CA

Herbie the Love Bug is a 1963 enchanted Volkswagen Beetle automobile imbued with a mind and spirit of its own on the CBS fantasy HERBIE, THE LOVE BUG (1982). Dean Jones, who previously starred in the Walt Disney movie “The

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Gladys Crabtree – Hampton St., USA

Gladys Crabtree is the deceased mother of  David “Dave” Crabtree (Jerry Van Dyke), a small town lawyer on the NBC fantasy comedy MY MOTHER THE CAR (1965-66). The thing is, the spirit of Dave’s mother (Ann Sothern) lives inside the chassis of

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The Gnome-Mobile – Hickory Corners, MI

The Gnome-Mobile is a 1930 Rolls-Royce Sedanca Deville automobile used in the Walt Disney Film “The Gnome-mobile” (1967). It is currently housed in the Gilmore Car Museum at 6865 Hickory Road in Hickory Corners, Michigan 49060. Donald Gilmore, the founder

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The Dodge Fairy – Detroit, MI

The Dodge Fairy was a commercial mascot for the Dodge Caliber automobile produced by DaimlerChrysler in Detroit, Michigan. She appeared in “Too Tough” a TV spot that aired in 2006. In the commercial, a beautiful strawberry-blond fairy wielding a wand

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