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Coca-Cola Santa Claus – Atlanta, GA

Coca-Cola Santa Claus has been a perennial presence during the Christmas holiday in magazines, store displays, billboards, posters, calendars and even plush dolls for the Coca Cola company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Coca-Cola was not the first to depict the

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Whistle Soda Elves – St. Louis, MO

The Whistle Soda Elves were the mascots for the Vess Beverage Company located in St. Louis, Missouri. The elves were introduced around 1938 and appeared on Whistle orange soda products until the early 50s. The tagline for the soda was:

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Brownie Root Beer – Detroit, MI

Brownie Root Beer is a carbonated soft drink produced by the Atlas Beverages in Detroit, Michigan (Hamtramck). “With a sprite on the label, its easy to see how this mischievous and delicious blend of root beer and caramel came about. Produced

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Bottle Fairies – Las Vegas, NV

The Bottle Fairies are beautiful women who deliver bottles of expensive beverages to upscale customers at TAO Nightclub in Las Vegas which opened in September of 2005. Like Tinker Bell in the fairy tale, aerial dancers and contortionists, Kristi Toguchi

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Sprite Boy – Atlanta, GA

Sprite Boy was an advertising mascot for the Coca-Cola Company located in Atlanta, Georgia. He was the first face used to brand Coca-Cola. Introduced in 1942, the silver-haired sprite  (“elf”) with a friendly smile debuted in magazine print ads for

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Woody the Gnome – Detroit, MI

Woody the Gnome is the bearded advertising mascot who adorns the bottles and cans of Vernor’s Ginger Ale, originally based in Detroit, Michigan. The image of Woody the Gnome was created by an artist named Noble Fellows. It was used

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The Happy Gnome – Minneapolis, MN

The Happy Gnome is located at 498 Selby Avenue in St. Paul Minneapolis in the Cathedral Hill neighborhood. Opened in 2006, The Happy Gnome is known as St. Paul’s finest “Gastropub.” The Happy Gnome is housed in an ivy-covered brick

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White Rock “Fairy” Psyche – Whitestone, NY

The White Rock “Fairy” Psyche (pronounced “SYKEE”) is the corporate logo and symbol of purity for the White Rock Beverage Company located in Whitestone, New York. White Rock Beverages (White Rock Products Corporation), the nation’s oldest beverage company, was established

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Heinzelmännchen Brewery – Sylva, NC

Heinzelmännchen Brewery is nestled in the Great Smokey Mountains at 545 Mill Street in Sylva, North Carolina in Jackson County. Established April 24, 2004, the microbrewery specializes in traditional “Ale” styles of beer, that is, ales that were brewed in

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