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Lumber Elves – Peterborough, Ontario, CA

The Lumber Elves debuted in 1955 as the stars of a Christmas window display for Peterborough Lumber on Monaghan road in Peterborough, Ontario. The six, 2 1/2-foot mechanical figurines were constructed of wood and paper mache. The elves became a

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Gnome Homes – Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Gnome Homes can be found at the base of several trees in Neck Point Park as well as along the Yew Loop walking trail in the Morrell Nature Sanctuary on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Signs on the

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Nicholas “Nick” Knight – Toronto, Canada

Nicholas “Nick” Knight (Geraint Wyn Davies) is an 800-year-old vampire turned police detective on the CBS fantasy drama FOREVER KNIGHT (1992-96). Sired by Lucien LeCroix (Nigel Bennett) during the Crusades, Nick (real name: Nicholas De Brabant) regretted his decision to

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World’s Largest Garden Gnome, Nanoose Bay, BC, Canada

World’ Largest Garden Gnome is located on Vancouver Island at 1660 E. Island Hwy, Nanoose Bay, British Columbia in Canada. The folks at Guinness Book of World Records officially recognized the 7.91 meters (or 25 feet 11 inches) tall gnome

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Seven Dwarfs Restaurant – London, Ontario, Canada

The Seven Dwarfs Restaurant is a Disney-themed eatery located at at 1659 Wharncliffe Road in London, Ontario in Canada. Built by Joe Raymond, his brother Cy and Ted Blainey, the English-style inn was inspired by the popular 1937 Walt Disney

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Storri and Staebjorn – Gimli, MB, Canada

Storri and Staebjorn are two elves who dwell in the town of Gimli, in Manitoba, Canada. Founded in 1875, Gimli’s population is Icelandic in hertitage. When their ancestors migrated to Canada, they brought with them their myths and traditions. One

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Brownie Castle – Granby, QC, Canada

Brownie Castle is the former home of Palmer Cox a writer/illustrator who created a popular group of impish brownies in the late 19th century. Palmer Cox was forty-three years of age before he drew his first Brownie. “I was brought

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