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Lorne the Demon – Los Angeles, CA

Lorne the Demon is a friendly green-skinned demon (Andy Hallett) featured on the fantasy drama ANGEL (1999-2004) Lorne comes from an alternative dimension called Pylea where he is known as Krevlorneswath of the Deathwok clan. But on planet earth good

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Belthazor (Cole Turner) – San Francisco, CA

Belthazor is a demon half-breed featured on the WB Network fantasy drama CHARMED (1998-2006). “Belthazor is a demonic soldier of fortune. Both powerful and dangerous, he has destroyed countless witches, innocents and demons. As sinister as he is intelligent, he

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Lucas Buck – Trinity, SC

Lucas Buck is the demonic sheriff who lives in the town of Trinity, South Carolina on the CBS fantasy drama AMERICAN GOTHIC (1995-96). Is Lucas (Gary Cole) the devil in disguise or just a fallen angel? No one knows for

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The Devil – Hell

The Devil is a heavenly angel who fell from God’s grace and now rules the kingdom of Hell on the FOX fantasy drama BRIMSTONE (1998-99). As the keeper of lost and evil souls, it is the Devil’s job to imprison

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Anyanka the Demon – Sunnydale, CA

Anyanka the Demon (Anyanka “Anya” Christina Emmanuella Jenkins) is a vengeance demon reluctantly turned into a Sunnydale high school student on the WB/UPN fantasy drama BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (1997-2003). Born in the 9th century in Sjornjost, a small Scandinavian

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Bob the Demon – Twin Peaks, WA

Bob the Demon is a demonic entity dressed in blue jeans featured on the bizarre ABC fantasy drama TWIN PEAKS (1990-91). Also known as Killer Bob (played by Frank Silva), this savage serial killing spirit roamed the Pacific Northwest town

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Annabelle the Doll – Monroe, CT

Annabelle the Doll is a haunted Raggedy Ann doll stored in a special glass case in the Occult Museum of psychic investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren in Monroe, Connecticut. The doll originally belonged to a nursing student named Donna whose

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