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Green Man – Cicely, AL

Green Man is a 3 foot, 6 inches Eskimo troll in a buckskin suit seen on episodes of the CBS TV series NORTHERN EXPOSURE (1990-95). Played by Phil Fondacaro, the Green Man appeared to Eskimo youth Ed Chigliak (Darren E.

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Luther the Dwarf – Burbank, CA

Luther the Dwarf is one of the original seven dwarfs seen on the fantasy situation comedy THE CHARMINGS/ABC/1987-88. A long time ago, Luther (Cork Hubbert) fell victim to a spell that put him to sleep for 1000 years. When he

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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – Orlando, FL

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a family-friendly roller coaster located in the Fantasyland section at Walt Disney World at 1180 Seven Seas Drive in Lake Buena Vista, just 20 south of Orlando, Florida. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train opened to

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Dwarf Village, Busch Gardens, FL

Dwarf Village was a children’s attraction at Busch Gardens Tampa (formerly Busch Gardens Africa) a 335-acre animal theme park that opened on March 31, 1959 in Tampa, Florida. Located in Bird Gardens (a quiet area with lagoons, exotic bird show,

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Rumplestiltzkin’s Restaurant – Lenox, MA

Rumplestiltzkin’s Restaurant is located inside the historic Village Inn on 16 Church Street in Lenox, Massachusetts. Built in 1771, the Village Inn is a bed and breakfast catering to vacation and business travelers for more than 200 years. Located in

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Knobbits – Pembroke, VA

Knobbits is the registered trademark for dwarf-like figures created by Bob Evans, a self-taught woodcarver from Pembroke, Virginia who has been selling his “Knobbits” for over 30 years all over the United States, as well as in countries like Israel,

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Cagle Castle – Alpharetta, GA

Cagle Castle, (aka, “Dwarf Castle”) is located on Hwy 140 in Fulton County at 12570 Arnold Mill Road at the SW corner of Cagle Road in Alpharetta, Georgia. Arnold Mill Road is the border line for the cities of Roswell

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Seven Dwarfs Restaurant – London, Ontario, Canada

The Seven Dwarfs Restaurant is a Disney-themed eatery located at at 1659 Wharncliffe Road in London, Ontario in Canada. Built by Joe Raymond, his brother Cy and Ted Blainey, the English-style inn was inspired by the popular 1937 Walt Disney

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Seven Dwarfs Restaurant – Wheaton, Illinois

Seven Dwarfs Restaurant is Disney-theme diner located at 917 E. Roosevelt Road in the green hills of Wheaton, Illinois. Serving the Wheaton/Glen Ellyn communities for over 60 years, the Seven Dwarfs is conveniently situated on the northwest corner of President

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