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David and Larry (Angels) – Atlanta, GA

David and Larry were the celestial advertising mascots for Angel Soft Tissue (“The Unofficial Toilet Paper of Mom’s”) who have appeared in Angel Soft Tissue “Bathroom Angels” campaign created by New York-based Omnicom Group’s DDB Needham in 2004. Angel Soft

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Tom the Angel – From Heaven

Tom the Angel is a bumbling apprentice angel who always needed the help of his earthly brother, Dick Smothers on the CBS fantasy comedy THE SMOTHER BROTHERS SHOW (1965-66). Originally Tom (Tom Smothers) was lost at sea. However, a few

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Teen Angel – From Heaven

Teen Angel is an enchanted teenager with fluffy white wings and a happy-go-lucky demeanor seen on the ABC fantasy comedy TEEN ANGEL (1997-98). In reality, Teen Angel was a 15-year-old youth named Marty DePolo (Mike Damus) who one day found

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Random the Angel – Chicago, IL

Random is an inept angel (Jimmy Brogan) seen on the ABC fantasy comedy OUT OF THE BLUE (1979). In order to earn his wings, Random is assigned to a Chicago woman and her newly adopted family of unmanageable nieces and

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Monica the Angel – From Heaven

Monica the Angel is a beautiful red-haired angel seen on the CBS fantasy drama TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL (1994-2003). She was promoted from search-and-rescue to case worker (because she did a good job with the 747 incident) to assist people

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Mr. Shepherd – San Antonio, TX

Mr. Shepherd is a heavenly guide (Ricardo Montalban) who supervised a recently deceased honeymoon couple on the syndicated fantasy HEAVEN HELP US (1994). Dying in a private plane crash that smashed into the side of the San Antonio Marriott on

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Mr. Angel – From Heaven

Mr. Angel (played by Carl Reiner) is a divine messenger sent to Earth to bestow upon selected do-gooders the prize of a wish for anything of their choosing – except money on the ABC fantasy TV comedy anthology GOOD HEAVENS

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Jonathan the Angel – Highways of America

Jonathan the Angel is a heavenly messenger of God seen on the NBC fantasy drama HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN (1984-89). Jonathan the Angel (Michael Landon) was an “honest” lawyer named Arthur Gordon who was born in 1917 and died in 1948.

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