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Wonderbug – Los Angeles, CA

Wonderbug is a magical dune buggy featured on the live-action segments of the ABC cartoon series THE KROFFT SUPERSHOW (1976-78). The story of Wonderbug begins when three teenagers – Barry Buntrock (David Levy), C.C. McNamara (John-Anthony Bailey) and Susan Talbot

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Herbie the Love Bug – Los Angeles, CA

Herbie the Love Bug is a 1963 enchanted Volkswagen Beetle automobile imbued with a mind and spirit of its own on the CBS fantasy HERBIE, THE LOVE BUG (1982). Dean Jones, who previously starred in the Walt Disney movie “The

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Vampira – Los Angeles, CA

Vampira was a late night horror show hostess seen on ABC’s affiliate KABC Channel 7 in Hollywood in the 1950s on THE VAMPIRA SHOW. Former model Maila Nurmi played the glamour “ghoul” Vampira who wandered through a hallway of mist

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Angel the Vampire – Sunnydale, CA

Angel the vampire (David Boreanaz) is a handsome, brooding bloodsucker with a soul featured the WB/UPN fantasy dramas BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (1997-2003) and ANGEL (1999-2004). Born in Galway, Ireland in the early 1700s, Angel (then known as Angelus) was

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Mick St. John – Los Angeles, CA

Mick St. John (Alex O’Loughlin) is a vampire turned private investigator on the CBS fantasy drama MOONLIGHT (2007-2008). Poor Mick had the misfortune of falling in love with a vampire and on his wedding night, his wife Coraline delivered a

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Tabitha Stephens – Los Angeles, CA

Tabitha Stephens is the beautiful blonde witch featured on the ABC fantasy comedy series TABITHA (1976-78). Tabitha (Lisa Hartman) is the daughter of Samantha and Darrin Stephens who live in Westport, Connecticut at Morning Glory Circle. Like her mother, Tabitha

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Genie the Genie – Los Angeles, CA

Genie the Genie is an outrageous, curly-haired 2,000 year-old genie featured on the ABC fantasy series YOU WISH (1997-98). Genie once lived in ancient Persia until he made the mistake of falling love with his last female “master”. For his

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Hair Fairies – Los Angeles, CA

Hair Fairies is a kid-friendly hair salon located at 8250 W. 3rd St., Ste. 202 in West Los Angeles, California. Founded in 1999 by president and CEO Maria Botham, the full service, clinical salon specializes in the removal of head

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Happy Hotpoint – Los Angeles, CA

Happy Hotpoint was a pixie mascot for Hotpoint appliances during TV commercial segments on the ABC sitcom THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE & HARRIET during the 1954-1955 season. The role of the pixie was played by then 17-year-old Mary Tyler Moore

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