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Sprite Boy – Atlanta, GA

Sprite Boy was an advertising mascot for the Coca-Cola Company located in Atlanta, Georgia. He was the first face used to brand Coca-Cola. Introduced in 1942, the silver-haired sprite  (“elf”) with a friendly smile debuted in magazine print ads for

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Billie the Brownie – Milwaukee, WI

Billie the Brownie was a holiday mascot for Shuster’s Department Store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The enchanted little fellow was created in 1917 by Schuster’s Department stores to promote their toy department during the Christmas season. “Is it time for Billie

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Usinger’s Famous Sausage – Milwaukee, WI

Usinger’s Famous Sausage is located at 1030 North Old World Third Street in Milwaukee, WI. Called “America’s Finest Sausage” the company mascot is an elf named Fritzie. The idea for their corporate symbol was inspired by murals painted in the

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The Bay Bridge Troll – San Franciso, CA

The Bay Bridge Troll is a crafted piece of steel sculpture installed secretly underneath the deck on the northern side of the eastern span of the old San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in Northern California. The Troll, visible only by boat,

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Lucky the Leprechaun – Boston, MA

Lucky the Leprechaun is the official trademark for the World Champion Celtic’s basketball team in Boston, Massachusetts. Sinne Boston has some of the deepest Irish roots anywhere in the country, it i no surprise that the Celtics team symbol is

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The Billiken – St. Louis, Missouri

The Billiken is the official school mascot for the Saint Louis University, a Jesuit run institution located at One North Grand in St. Louis, Missori. It is also the mascot for St. Louis High School. Created in 1908 by Florence Perez,

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Brownie Elf – Cleveland, Ohio

Brownie Elf is the sports mascot for the Ohio-based football team, the Cleveland Browns. The elfish character has pointy ears, wears pointy-tipped shoes, a belt with a big buckle and a stocking cap and carries a football tucked underneath his

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