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Monster Cereals – Minneapolis, MN

Monster Cereals were a new line of cereals for children manufactured by General Mills in the 1970s. The cereals resurrected some frightfully classic movie characters like Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman and the Mummy for a series of TV commercials. The Monster

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Twig the Fairy, Minneapolis, MN

Twig the Fairy (full name: Twig Oaklyn Flewinia Thistlebottom) is enchanted fairy based in the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Portrayed by actress Kathy Gfeller, Twig the Fairy travels to Renaissance fairs across the United States to charm young and old

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Holt House – Granite Falls, MN

Holt House is bed and breakfast located on the Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway at 13035 30 Ave SE, Granite Falls, Minnesota. Opened in 2001, this charming rural getaway is the home of the Minnesota Grove Gnomes. According to Innkeeper

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Lucky the Leprechaun – Minneapolis, MN

Lucky the Leprechaun – Breakfast cereal mascot created by the folks at General Mills in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its magically delicious marshmallow treats originally came in the bite-sized shapes of hearts, moons, stars, clovers, and diamonds. In the commercials, Lucky (voiced

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The Happy Gnome – Minneapolis, MN

The Happy Gnome is located at 498 Selby Avenue in St. Paul Minneapolis in the Cathedral Hill neighborhood. Opened in 2006, The Happy Gnome is known as St. Paul’s finest “Gastropub.” The Happy Gnome is housed in an ivy-covered brick

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The Gnome’s Trove – New Ulm, MN

The Gnome’s Trove is located in Brown County at 508 1st North Street between City Hall and the Marktplatz Mall arch in historic downtown New Ulm, Minnesota. Established in 2012, The Gnome’s Trove is a one-stop shop for your consignment

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Little Green Sprout – Le Sueur, Minnesota

Little Green Sprout is  an advertising mascot for the Green Giant Company.  This little green child of nature lives in a valley with a Jolly Green Giant who watches over the vegetables originally grown for the Minnesota Valley Canning Company.

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Troll Park – Starbuck, MN

Troll Park is a located directly north of the Minnewaska District Hospital in Starbuck, MN. The entrance is near the intersection of West 6th Street and Holly Ridge Drive near the west outskirts of town. The actual name of the park is

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Troll Statue – Spring Grove, MN

Troll Statue is located in the town square of Spring Grove, Minnesota across from the park in front of the old creamery building on 123 Maple Drive. Supported by a concrete slab that rests between its legs, the standing troll dressed

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Lake Harriet Elf, Minneapolis, MN

The Lake Harriet Elf (aka “Mr. Little Guy”) lives at the base of an ash tree on the south shore of Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He moved into the tree in 1995. Although never seen by the public, Mr.

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Gnome Park, Dawson, MN

Gnome Park is located at the Dawson Aquatic Center (a swimming pool park) on Highway 212 in Dawson, Minnesota, a Midwest community (aka “Gnometown”) that is proud of its Scandinavian heritage. The City of Dawson is known as Gnometown because

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