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Prince Rapses – San Francisco, CA

Prince Rapses is an Egyptian Pharaoh Prince whose reincarnated spirit now lies within Presley Carnovan, a teenage boy from San Francisco featured on the CBS fantasy cartoon MUMMIES ALIVE! (1997). The cartoon follows four Egyptian mummies who were entombed in

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Tutenstein the Mummy – Museum Exhibit

Tutenstein – The nickname of a 10-year-old Pharaoh named Tut-ankh-en-set-Amun (meaning “The Living Image of the Place of Amun”) featured on the Discovery Kids Channel fantasy cartoon TUTENSTEIN (2003-2008). For more than three thousand years his body was entombed in

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Nuff the Mummy – The Barnes Family

Nuff the Mummy is a 3250-year-old mummy of Egyptian Pharaoh Prince Nuffratuti of Abu Simbel (Elyes Gabel) featured on the YTV fantasy comedy I LOVE MUMMY (2002-03). After the Barnes family inherit a house (# 1237) from their archeologist Great

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Monster Cereals – Minneapolis, MN

Monster Cereals were a new line of cereals for children manufactured by General Mills in the 1970s. The cereals resurrected some frightfully classic movie characters like Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman and the Mummy for a series of TV commercials. The Monster

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