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Irish Fairy Door Trail – Dublin, OH

The Irish Fairy Door Trail is touted as the nation’s “First” Irish Fairy Door Trail. Sponsored by the Dublin, Ohio Convention and Visitors Bureau in association with the Irish Fairy Door Company based in Dublin, Ireland, the trail was launched as

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The Shillito’s Elves – Cincinnati, OH

The Shillito’s Elves were the stars of the Christmas holiday window displays at The John Shillito Company (Shillito’s) department store at 7th and Race Streets in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. The store was founded by John Shillito and William McLaughlin in

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Victoria’s Secret Angels – Columbus, OH

Victoria Secret Angels are heavenly advertising mascots for Victoria’s Secret based in Columbus, Ohio and owned by L Brands,, Inc. company. The tagline for their sheer, seamless lingerie with a heavenly fit: “Good angels go to heaven, Victoria’s Secret angels

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Solomon Family Gnome – Rutherford, OH

Solomon Family Gnome is a small white-bearded gnome statute seen on the NBC sci-fi sitcom 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN (1995-2001) The cheery-looking gnome (about 8-inches tall) is one of many pieces of bric-a-brac in the apartment of the Solomon

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Mimi’s Troll Dolls – Cleveland, OH

Mimi’s Troll Dolls – On the situation comedy THE DREW CAREY SHOW/ABC/1995-2004, Mimi Bobeck (Kathy Kinney) played a cosmetically-challenged department store secretary who loved Troll dolls. Mimi showcased her collection of troll dolls at her apartment home and her work

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Smurf’s Enchanted Voyage – Kings Island, OH

Smurf’s Enchanted Voyage was a theme park attraction at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio from 1982-1991. The Omnimover dark ride transported passengers through a series of displays featuring animatronic Smurf characters frolicking through the seasons of the year (Spring, Summer,

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Gnome and Garden Exhibit – Kirkland, OH

The “Gnome and Garden Exhibit” was a public art project held in 2011 at the Holden Arboretum in city of Kirkland, in Northeast Ohio. The event was a shout out to regional artists to paint/decorate unfinished fiberglass molds of garden

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The Troll Hole and Art Emporium – Alliance, OH

The Troll Hole and Art Emporium is located at 222/228 E. Main Street in Alliance, Ohio, two doors down from the Alliance Chamber of Commerce and directly across the street from the Alliance Farmers Market. Owned and operated Sherry and

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Kewpee Hamburgers – Lima, OH

Kewpee Hamburgers is located at 111 North Elizabeth Street in Allen County in the City of Lima, Ohio. This store opened in 1928, under the ownership of Stub Wilson. The fairy mascot used by Kewpee Hamburgers for store signs and

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Brownie Elf – Cleveland, Ohio

Brownie Elf is the sports mascot for the Ohio-based football team, the Cleveland Browns. The elfish character has pointy ears, wears pointy-tipped shoes, a belt with a big buckle and a stocking cap and carries a football tucked underneath his

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Elfin Doors – Columbus, OH

Elfin doors have come to three parks in Columbus, Ohio courtesy of a project sponsored by Keebler, the baked-goods company with an animated elf mascot named Ernie. Keebler paid artists $400 each to create the doors and donated $5,000 to

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Norman the Troll – Stockport, OH

Norman the Troll lives in the Village of Stockport, Ohio. The furry and friendly creature dwells beneath the bridge by the dam on the Muskingum river near the Stockport Mill Inn on route 266. Originally from northern Ohio, Norman the

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