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Rob Gnomekowski – San Francisco, CA

Rob GnomeKowski is a gnome likeness of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski that resides in the patio garden at the Connecticut Yankee Bar, located in Potrero Hill section of San Francisco. The statue has been in the bar since since

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Santa’s Little Secret Service – San Francisco, CA

Santa’s Little Secret Service was a Bay Area street theater project created by humorist EDW-Lynch, a Senior Contributing Writer at Laughing Squid, based (at the time) in Oakland, California. “I use humor to communicate complex ideas, to amuse my audience

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SantaCon – San Francisco, CA

SantaCon is an annual gathering of men and woman from all walks of life who don Santa suits and roam the city looking for fun. It is non-denominational, non-commercial, non-political and non-sensical Santa Claus convention that occurs once a year

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The Kindred – San Francisco, CA

The Kindred is a secret society of vampires living in the San Francisco region on the FOX fantasy drama KINDRED: THE EMBRACED (1996). The leader of the Kindred was Julian Luna (Mark Frankel) a handsome, reclusive industrialist (born in 1830)

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Belthazor (Cole Turner) – San Francisco, CA

Belthazor is a demon half-breed featured on the WB Network fantasy drama CHARMED (1998-2006). “Belthazor is a demonic soldier of fortune. Both powerful and dangerous, he has destroyed countless witches, innocents and demons. As sinister as he is intelligent, he

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Max Merlin – San Francisco, CA

Max Merlin (Barnard Hughes) is a 1600-year-old magician featured on the CBS fantasy comedy MR. MERLIN (1981-1982). Formerly in the employ of King Arthur, Max Merlin now works as a mechanic at Mr. Merlin’s Garage, an auto repair shop located

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Halliwell Sisters – San Francisco, CA

The Halliwell Sisters are three enchanted siblings (known as “The Charmed Ones”) featured on the WB/CW Network fantasy drama CHARMED (1998-2006). Prudence “Prue” Halliwell [born 1970] works for Buckland Auction House. Piper Halliwell is a chef at The Quake restaurant

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Faery Door – San Francisco, CA

The Faery Door was located at the base of an elm tree in the Concourse of Golden Gate Park near the DeYoung Museum and Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, California. Measuring 12-inches tall, the arched wooden door mysteriously appeared around

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Elf Nanny – San Francisco, CA

Elf Nanny – Diminutive caregiver (played by Niki Botelho) who was hired as a nanny for Piper’s new born baby on the WB Channel fantasy drama CHARMED (1998-2006). The Elf Nanny appeared on four episodes during the 2002-2003 seasons. On

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The Bay Bridge Troll – San Franciso, CA

The Bay Bridge Troll is a crafted piece of steel sculpture installed secretly underneath the deck on the northern side of the eastern span of the old San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in Northern California. The Troll, visible only by boat,

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