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Jersey Devil – Pine Barrens, NJ

The Jersey Devil is a hideous being that supposedly haunts the barren, sandy-soiled Pine Forest in Southern New Jersey. Alleged sightings of this mythical creature have been recorded for over three hundred years. According to one origin story, a women

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Headless Horseman – Sleepy Hollow, NY

The Headless Horseman sculpture is located on 420 North Broadway at Gordon Avenue in the Hudson River Valley town of Sleepy Hollow (formerly North Tarrytown), New York. The 18′ high, 11 ton rust-colored metal sculpture was fabricated by the Miglo-Bufkin

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Luther the Dwarf – Burbank, CA

Luther the Dwarf is one of the original seven dwarfs seen on the fantasy situation comedy THE CHARMINGS/ABC/1987-88. A long time ago, Luther (Cork Hubbert) fell victim to a spell that put him to sleep for 1000 years. When he

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The Gargoyle House – Atchison, KS

The Gargoyle House is located at 819 N. 4th Street in Atchison, Kansas, near the muddy banks of the Missouri River. The Gargoyle Home was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on May 3, 1974. Built in 1884-1885

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