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Mr. Wizard – In a Box Under a Tree

Mr. Wizard is a lizard magician dressed in sorcerer’s hat and robes on the ABC cartoon KING LEONARDO AND HIS SHORT SUBJECTS (1960-63.) “Deep in the forest grows a tall, tall tree. And, of course, it was a short tree

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Max Merlin – San Francisco, CA

Max Merlin (Barnard Hughes) is a 1600-year-old magician featured on the CBS fantasy comedy MR. MERLIN (1981-1982). Formerly in the employ of King Arthur, Max Merlin now works as a mechanic at Mr. Merlin’s Garage, an auto repair shop located

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Russo Family – Greenwich Village, NY

The Russo Family are a family of wizards featured on the Disney Channel fantasy series THE WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE (2007-2012). The Russo’s live on Waverly Place in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. Patriarch Gerardo Pepe “Jerry” Russo, an Italian and former

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Harry Dresden – Chicago, IL

Harry Dresden is a Chicago-based wizard who uses his supernatural skills to solve paranormal crimes on the Sci-Fi Channel fantasy series THE DRESDEN FILES (2007). The only Wizard listed in the Chicago phone directory, Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden (Paul Blackthorne)

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Cassandra the Witch – Vonderland

Cassandra the Witch is a thirteen-year-old witch with blue hair seen on the YTV animated fantasy ULTIMATE BOOK OF SPELLS (2001-2002). Cassandra “Cassy”, a third-year junior witch (“I’m 76 generations enchanted”), attended magic school in Vonderland with her friends Gus,

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Dooley the Leprechaun – The Land of Beyond

Dooley the Leprechaun – Enchanted leprechaun featured on the Saturday morning children’s marionette adventure THE WHISTLING WIZARD/CBS/1951-52 produced in New York City. The show was the first of its kind to be broadcast in color. THE WHISTLING WIZARD was a

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Flying Unicorn – Orlando, FL

The Flying Unicorn was a kiddie roller coaster ride at Universal’s Islands of Adventure 110-acre theme park in Orlando, Florida. Set in an enchanted forest, the Flying Unicorn carried its passengers in trains designed to look like unicorns wearing a

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Escape from Gringotts – Universal Studio, FL

Escape from Gringottts is a theme park attraction located at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Opened in 2014, the ride is based on characters and places in the Harry Potter novels written by J. K. Rowlings. In the books, Gringotts

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